Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Winning Edge

In that realm of spirituality, that exist. There is a war between good and evil. This war is in order and in effect for us. They battle for the souls of humanity. Since mans creation and the fall of Lucifer, the battle was waged. God first crated his children (Angels). The Angels came before man. One of these Angles was Lucifer. In the original text Luc translates to light. He was the most high ranking Angel in the heavens. In Isaiah 14, verses 12 through 24 it describes what Lucifer's mind set was in Heaven. How he was a Fallen Angel. In Ezekiel 28, versus 13 through 19 it describes his creation and his power. He was a great Angel and had a great purpose. Yet he sinned in Heaven and then was cast out. He did not go quietly. He took a third of the Angels with him. Some as prisoners and some as his warriors. This war took place on earth. He and his Angels, were cast down on Earth. Hell was created for Satan and all his followers. Not man. Man would be made and given paradise. The Garden of Eden. In this creation, man had all the luxury and greatness. He was innocent and living eternally in happiness. For a former scorn child in Lucifer, he decided to get revenge and tempt man. Starting to do this in a way he knew man could not resist. Through a woman. Once man was divided away from God, the war to claim the souls was on.
Yet, through out all of history, we notice this war personally. The two sides are identical because Satan, imitates God in all aspects. God has a Church, and Satan has a Church. God has Angels. Satan has the fallen Angels known as Demons. God has profits. Satan has psychics. God has a son (Jesus Christ). Satan has his son The Anti-Christ. God has a Bible. The Holy Bible. Satan has the Satanic bible. God has Heaven, and Satan has Hell. God has the Kingdom of Heaven and Satan is the price of the Earth. So far, they are standing toe to toe, with equal parts across the board. Heaven vs. Hell and all the scriptures and forces going to war and fighting this fight. But there is one entity in this whole situation that decides the war and it's final
With all the forces aligning evenly and the followers of these forces doing what they can for the victory. Enters one Entity that the Satanic forces have no answer for. The Holy Spirit. Once the Holy Spirit, enters in to the equation. The sides become overwhelmingly uneven. When a man is down and the demonic forces have him down and out. When the situation is dire and the darkness seems to be overwhelming. No matter what, when Satan, and his forces feel that presence. The fight is decided. Even Satan, must bow down and surrender. For all things tremble and submit. That my friends is the Winning Edge!!!

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