Monday, August 9, 2010


Once there was a woman who lived next to another woman. Their kitchen windows looked directly across to one another. This woman would look through the other woman's window and see if her kitchen and house were clean. She did this on a regular basis. One day she looked through her window and said."Wow! Her window is just a bit dirty"! Then a few days later, she went to look through her window and said. "Wow! it's even dirtier now than before!" Then a few days later she went to take a look through her window, and could not see her window. She then cleaned her window and realized, the other womans window was very clean. It was her own window that needed cleaning!
Many people like to look around and JUDGE others. They live life noticing what others faults are. How bad someone else looks. How poor or how weak someone is. They look at how another dresses. Even sadder, are the people who worry about those that are judging them. If we all look at ourselves and clean our selves. I say that in every sense of the word. Then, we can comment on others and do this freely. But Trust me! If you take the time to clean yourself from sin and from all the impurities in yourself. You will never look at others the same. You will not see their faults or race or errors. You might notice them, but you will be more understanding of why they are like that. Because when you clean yourself, you will notice that nobody is perfect, especially you!
If you are one who worries about what others think. Most likely, you don't like what you see and are uncomfortable with yourself. Because if you are confident about who you are and all that you have accomplished in yourself. You would be confident and not worry about the opinions of others about you. Realize that those who look at you and break you down. Are people who are insecure about themselves and there house is without cleaning.
It is not a sin to Judge, even God will judge us! It is a sin to do so when your house is not in order. Be blessed!!!

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