Friday, August 6, 2010

The Boat!

Once there was a child, who built a boat. He built it by hand. He scraped the edges by hand. He got splinters in his hands. He bled at times. He worked on this boat night and day. He finally got it the way he wanted it. "Perfect"! he said! He sanded it down and painted it. He glossed it and shined it up. He weather proofed it and had a very beautiful boat. He placed his initials on it and was done. Proud of his creation and happy with his work. Then he and his father went to the stream. He took his boat out and was letting it run in the stream. Suddenly a great strong current came rushing and took the boat away. He ran after it, but he could not catch up. He watched his work of art float away. He cried!!! His father tried to console him. He told his son, "We can build another one." The son replied, "I want the one I built. I bled, I suffered to make that boat be perfect, and it is gone!"
The father said, we will get you another boat. The one you had is gone. A few weeks passed and the father took the son to a store. In that store there were many boats, toys, and things boys would love. Then the boy yelled out, I found you, I found you! The father and the store owner ran over and the boy was looking at the boat he made in a glass case. The father explained to the owner about the boat. The store owner told him, someone sold it to him and it was for sale. The father bought the boat back and gave it to his son. The son wiped the boat clean. He re-glossed it and shinned it up again. It was finally home.
The Child is Jesus, the Boat is you. The father is God. Sometimes God makes us into what he desires for us and cleans us up. The current of the world sometimes drifts us away. We tend to get lost and dirty. God has to come and clean us once again.
God Bless!!!

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