Wednesday, August 18, 2010


In life we learn so many lessons. Some are cruel lessons. Some are great lessons. Some lessons come with a heavy cost. Financial losses, spiritual breakdowns, emotional building, and character building experiences. Some find out the truth about a persons character that they might have thought different of. It's funny how sports can also teach us these valuable lessons.
You can find out who is a great teammate. Who is loyal and will stick with you through thick and thin. Who will motivate you to excel and succeed. Who has leadership skills. Who is valiant and strong emotionally.
You also find out who is selfish, and wants all the attention. Who thinks that they are the best, but do not realize that they're success is partly due to his teammates, as well as their ability.
You find out who is a fighter by physical standards and who is the tactician by using their minds as well as physical strength. It gets discovered who is dedicated to their trade and who is a hard worker. To be the best at what they do, as well as a great teammate.
The greatest thing about sports is, no matter what race, creed, or color you are. You all work hard as a team to achieve one goal. Win!
You can find out who wants to win and who is in it just for the spirit of competition. But at all levels. Sports has no barriers. Stadiums, arenas, and venues are filled daily to watch people compete. It unify's the masses, and causes people to forget the heavy burdens that life can bring. If only for a few hours. It brings about loyalty. To your team, colors, alma mater's and athletes. You learn to win, and to loose. To have a never say die attitude. To have hope, and the mentality of trying to press forward and win. It teaches discipline and structure. How to learn from those who have been down the path you are trying to go. It has you dreaming of winning and having pride. Realizing that it takes work and a strong attitude to achieve. True life stories such as Rudy, Radio, Friday Night Lights, and Brian's Song. These stories turned into movies to help continue to provide inspiration and hope. All driven and inspired by sports.
Sports, it's a great thing. Involve your children in sports and have them learn the values that sports can provide. Life shows us many different lessons as is. Let sports teach them and you, how to deal with some. As always,

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