Thursday, August 12, 2010

Old Fashion

So much of today's generation and people in today's society are polluted. What I mean by this is simple. Everyone is full of the technical lifestyle. The new Cell phones, and apps. Desktop computers are being slowly erased and all the technology is being driven by microchips. Microfibers, and newer technical tools. Apps and smaller devices. The world is infatuated with reality shows that are not reality. They shop and are driven by money. There is nothing wrong with trying to be successful and make a great living, but money should not be the driving force. It should be the love of what you do. The world is receiving advice from Psychological people such as Dr. Phil and others. The world is growing colder and stronger in sin. The structure of America is being reformed and the economy hangs in the balance. CNN, and Fox news as well as MSNBC and all other news stations are focused on tearing each other down as well as all political groups and affiliations. When the need is to unite. But that peace and unity that will be desired will be at the end of time, when that being known as the Anti-Christ, will have the solution to poverty and war. Plus many other answers.
In the mean time people are blinded and so locked into all the wrong things. Into life that is full of infatuation, and fantasy. They are locked into drama and reality television. Crime and racial tension. Political debates, and laws. Division and deception. Lies, and trying to move up the corporate ladder, at all cost. Yet, in all that this world is into these days. Weather it be through music, or whatever the case may be. This world has forgotten the simple things. The simple things such as a waterfall. A valley full of flowers. Rivers and streams that flow and the beauty of a majestic mountain top. They have forgotten, GOD!
They even have modernized church. Shorter sermons. Donuts and coffee at the service. Chorus that is more professional than Godly. Big screens and monitors. Great sound systems and large venues. Websites to celebrate their services. But the messages are hollow. There is no more tears at the alter. No more shaking, jumping and running. There is no more transformation of souls and life altering messages. There is no more excitement and revival. It has turned into more of a show. A message that invites you back, but doesn't fill the voids in your life. It is a lack of the spirit. This modern new world is great for many things and is exciting to live in. But, the need to go back to the old fashion ways are lacking, in many ways. Especially in love, and the need for GOD!

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