Friday, August 10, 2012

You have the power! I have the power. In many ways we are like super heroes. That comment was meant for those who are active believers in Christ. Not only that he died for our sins. But that he is alive as our Lord and has the power to create miracles for us. Many people believe in God. Yet forget that he has divine power. But, he gave us divine power as well. A common misconception among people that believe in God, is that they need to pray for God to do everything for them. From the minor to the large. God had given Moses a staff and told him that he placed his power in that staff. He did not have to pray to God to create miracles. The power was in his hands. He prayed to God for the wisdom to make the correct choices. In Exodus 14 verse 15 and 16. God had told Moses "Why do you call to me. Tell the people of Israel to March. Lift up your Rod and divide the Sea. You shall go through the Sea on dry ground. He had the power to do this. That is why God asked him, "why do you call to me." In the book of 1 Samuel. David fought Goliath. Chapter 17 verse 45 David tells Goliath. "You come against me with a sword, a spear and a shield, but I come to you in the name of the Lord. In verse 46 he goes on further to say "On this day the Lord shall deliver you unto me." Hollywood has movies about Indiana Jones. He looks for the Arch. In the scriptures, the Arch posses God's power. When the children of God went to war, they would bring this arch. It was a box that posses God's power inside. During War God would say open up the Arch and let me out. Today now as Christians we have Christ. He lives in our Hearts and the Holy Spirit is on Earth inside of us and protecting us. Once you become a believer in Christ. The Holy Spirit labels you to the spiritual world as one of his. The scriptures say we would have all the power of Christ. The Mormons send out two people at a time to come to your door. Because Christ sent out the disciples two at a time. On one occasion Peter had returned and said to Jesus. How grand, we cast out the demons, simply by saying your name. My point. The power resides in you. We go through situations and struggles in life. At times some are large and at times minor things. Or we know someone or something that we need to pray for. Prayer is needed when as a man or woman, we can further do no more. But have to trust in God. The mistake is we ask God to do these things and hope he does. We are to busy asking God to look down and come down. When God is already down in you and asking you..LET ME OUT!!! Just as the Arch. God asks LET ME OUT!! The power is within you. Use the Faith of David, when he fought Goliath and see that you will walk through the greatest adversity, on Dry grounds. As the Children of Israel did the Sea. God will divide and clear your path so you can make it through. But stop asking God to come down. You have the power to proclaim Victory. Let God Out!!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just checking in!

It's been a bit since I have logged on. I had given thanks for my birthday wishes. I still find myself thankful for all my true family and friends. I am finding myself blessed, more and more. I have found out in life, the more positive energy that you give out. The more positive energy you receive back. The one who has just read that statement and has said that's not true. Is prime example of the opposite. I went into this 2012, with the mindset of having a successful year. Everybody says that and right about this time in the year, they have already went back into a more regular mode. The push for the goals they wanted to obtain is not the same. On the first day of school. You get a brand new notebook. You keep it clean and write your name on it. You keep the pages clean and only write with clear writing. But as the days pass and the school days pass. You rip or tare out a page or two. The note book starts to ware and tare and no longer do you treat that notebook special. When you buy a new pair of sneakers. You watch where you walk. You get home and wipe them down. You notice when someone has stepped on your foot and wipe it right away. But after a while. You no longer clean them and they become worn out. But I encourage you to stay focused and continue to drive forward and renew your strengths. Reach your goals. Place your thoughts and determination back on track. March ahead and be positive. The more positive you give out, the more shall return. I wanted a better job, and I have that. I wanted new friends and I have that. I wanted to continue to feel happy and youthful and vibrant. I do. I want to find love and continue to better myself. I will. I have more goals to achieve and things I desire to do. Summer is coming, and those dreams and aspirations will be met. Faith and endurance are a wonderful thing to posses. So be steady and keep pushing. The clearing is ahead and the reward of your efforts is there. How great to feel the satisfaction of putting in the work to see the glory. To work hard and get that pay check. How horrible it is to make excuses and see no results. How horrid to to be lazy and not achieve. What value is it to fight, and to fight, and when you almost have victory, to give up? My friends, be wise, be strong, and faithful. Let the Lord guide you and open and close the doors. God Bless.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

40 years of life.

It is March first, and I am a few days away from turning 40. Yes, I will be 40! I have done many things over my 40 year life. I have traveled. I have lived in many states. I have traveled as far east as Long Island New York. To as far west as Waikiki Hawaii. As far down as Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. To as far north as Toronto Canada. I have loved and been loved. I have married and divorced. At 16 I had found out that Christ was waiting for me to seek him. I have preached in many churches. I have been on many platforms spreading the gospel. I have preached at a Jail in Massachusetts. I have preached on the radio there as well. I have performed singing and with my music. In many events and stages. House parties and concerts as well. I have played basketball all over the United States. No place like New York to play ball though. I enjoyed legendary parks like The Rucker. To 4th Street, downtown in the Village. I will never forget in the Bronx, I was about 25 years old. I watched a jump shot leave my teammates hands and dunked the rebound over a 6'9' guy on the follow. The crowd roar was love to me. I don't remember having much love in my life. So sports is where I got it from. Those that know me, they can tell you. I was in the streets for a year. Trying to survive. I have been on my own since 14 years of age. Yes, I received plenty of help from Christian families and a few friends. And I even had genuine love from some of those people. But my mother passing away when I was 21 years old. My Father living in another state since my early teen years. I never had discipline and structure. I lived by what I saw and making plenty of mistakes. I learned what it is to need love from someone and have no one to give it. I struggled because lack of leadership and inexperience. But what I never realized was I was getting the greatest education a human can ask for. I learned how to succeed at life. I understood what it was to strive. To never say never. To stand up for myself. To conquer all my fears and know that I had to do for myself. To smile even when all I saw was darkness. To have faith and believe in the Lord above, to guide me through. So now, I have refined myself. Played football and studied, Theology. Read up on culture, as well as travel to witness and see it first hand. I have a small business. Small, but it's all mine. I have been in Newspapers and on the News for both sports as well as my work as a Chef. I have overcome and conquered. I have a beautiful daughter who loves me. I continue to make my music. I still feel youthful and vibrant. Still go play basketball. Still love to go on roller coasters and enjoy my life. Live free and vibrant. So, I may have the wisdom of a 60 year old man, from my life. I may have refined myself and learned that knowledge is the key to success. I may not use my Brut force anymore. But I still feel and look 28.. So as I turn 40 years old. I wanna thank all those who have been a part of my life. Who have shaken my hand and wished me well. Who have shown me love. Who have been rude to me and mean. Because you also impacted my life and gave me drive and fire in my heart. My family who truly had my back. I thank you all for your places in my life. May God Bless you all.