Friday, August 21, 2015

Denver's Season, Historic!

This is going to be a very historic season for the Denver Broncos on many levels. This is a new coaching regime in Denver, even though the Bronco ties run deep. Gary Kubiak was a back up quarterback in Denver. He even played in an AFC Championship Title game as a starter. The more things have changed in Denver, the more they have stayed the same. His zone blocking scheme and offensive mind will set free the likes of C.J. Anderson to what maybe a phenomanol season. Not to mention former second round running back Montee Ball, who is the all time TD NCAA record holder. Ran in this sytem during his collegiate years in Wisconsin. The runner who may be the most explosive in this system is 3rd year runner Ronnie Hillman. Either way the depth is there. They signed and sealed Demaryious Thomas to a 70 Million dollar deal. He has said he wants to set NFL marks and records this season.Great news for fans. But none of that is why they make history. It's all about Manning. Peyton Manning! He is now on a mission. Healthy again after suffering a tear in his thigh muscle late last season. It was so bad that he had a bruise around his entire thigh. But, with a newly aqcuiered diet in the off season he is fresh and ready. Any thing that Manning does will be a new record. He owns the completions and TD all time record marks. He also owns or is a close second in every other department. He may set records that will be astronomical to reach. If D.Thomas lives up to what he already has done with Manning, and has promised to try and do. The record books will definately have some changes. Last season Emmanuel Sanders showed what a great wide out he is. Cody Lattimore is waiting and chomping at the bit to explode on the scene. I expect him to have a huge role, especially around the goal line. He will take pressure off of D. Thomas making this team very hard to defend. Remember when Welker was healthy? That's the role Cody will fill. This may also be the last time we see number 18 (Manning) play. Most likely it is his farewell tour. A great humanitarian and embassador for the game of football. With a Childrens Hospitol in Indianapolis. Also all the community work he has done over the years. Visiting High Schools and giving his time. He is going to be missed. The Offense already is in the record books two years back as the highest scoring and number one offense ever. It may reach those marks again this season. With a heavy dose of run balance and Manning play faking. This can ease the need for Manning to feel all the pressure of trying to win a game on his arm alone. My knock on the Broncos during Mannings time here. They don't get Physical enough and ware a team out during the playoffs. Kubiak and company will definately change that. I also look at the young and strong line as a big benefit. Between the threats at Wide-Out and the Tight Ends involvement in this offense. The holes will open up for C.J. Anderson. Arian Foster has had a very prolific career with Kubiak as his coach. Expect C.J. Anderson to excell. Remember the numbers Terrell Davis put up in this offense? John Fox was a very good football coach. He coached in two superbowls. One of them being with this very same Denver team. But, John Elway agrees with me. With the remade defense from a year ago. Adding Aqib Talib and T.J. Ward. Demarcus Ware and a few stand out players. Having Von Miller and Chris Harris, who is highly underrated. And having that offense that set NFL records there. They figured a dynasty was in hand. They drafted Shane Ray, who is a big time pass rusher and he can cover as well. They added depth and some versatility on defense. So they should compete at all phases. So Elway was expecting a championship run last season before re-tooling. Instead, they lost to the Colts at home. Elway thought the mindset was not a good one. Knowing what his great friend and former coach Kubiak offers. They basically share the same mindset. The change was made. This team has all the potential to set records and is built for the future as well. The future looks bright because this team is young andd has much talent. The defensive side of the ball can be upgraded next draft. They took care of the offensive side of the line this draft. Not to mention. Brock Osweiller has looked great. After all the tall 6'8" 240 pound QB. Has studied under the tutalage of Peyton Manning for 3 years now. Watching film and seeing the game unfold. This can go down as building blocks. They went to the AFC Championship game, The Superbowl and a wild card game over the last three years. If this team can win the Superbowl this season and turn the riegns over to Brock Oswieller. There may be a few more years of Championship runs. Scary for the AfC to think of. The Patriots have Brady and always compete. Andrew Luck is the heir apparent to Manning. But this Denver team, is loaded and ready for a good run for several years to come. Records may be set!!

Why I Don't Ware Jordan's

I was asked by a younger guy, why I don't ware Jordans as much basketball as I play. Then to make a joke he said, "You don't even ware Nike. You have on Converse!" I replied to him with a few things I will now relay to you readers as well. Nike is a Billion Dollar company. We buy Nike all the time. We, meaning young black and hispanic inner city youth. To play basketball. Then I asked, name a person you know who doesn't own a pair of Nike. Not just basketball players, but the average person. There is Nike apparel. Jersies, shorts, hats, Tee-shirts, jackets, socks, sneakers and even golf shoes and equipment. His reply was "So". And then questioned me again. "Why don't you have a pair?" I then told him McDonalds is a Billion dollar company. I see the McDonalds basketball All American game on TV. They sponsor and pay for the entire event. Buying Nike products for the High School All American kids to play with. They also sponsor the proud olympian team for the United States. They have the Ronald McDonald House. Made to benefit youth across america. They have countless programs and they are just a burger chain. Then I explained to him how Nike has given Lebron James, tons of money as well as James Harden 200 million to represent the brand. So they can continue to attract more people for thier sales. In just New York city alone, if there are 8 million people. And half of the city owns one pair of Nike. And you average out a pair of nike to 70 bucks. Since they run from 40-120 dollars. The city of New York alone made them 280 million dollars. Let's keep it real, most people own more than one pair of Nike. So imagine the united states. The world in fact. Wearing these sneakers. Yet, I have never seen a park built by Nike. Nor an event sponsored by Nike. I would even appreciate it if a tournament was sponsored by Nike in the inner City for the kids who buy and represent your brand anyway. Michael Jordan was once quoted saying his shoes were made for middle class white kids. While kids fight in the rough neighborhoods over sneakers. Get mugged and robbed over sneakers. They have even been killed over his sneakers. Then people think that they are a better basketball player because of the brand of sneaker on their feet. The young man I was talking with chuckled. Then I said to him. If you think of the worst basketball player you know. You gave him some Jordans, would he play better? He might be more comfortable, but he will still be a bad player. He said "Wow"! I never thought of it like that. I asked him what he though about my game and how I played for a 43 year old guy. He replied with, You're good and play like your 25! I said yup... In a pair of Converse... I realize Nike may sponsor some Universities. But the benefits they reap from that are huge. But them to create an event to benefit the people who are making them a Billion dollar company.. I have not seen it yet. No Jordans for me. Girls thought I was cute with out them anyway..

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Begining Of The End

In my time alive on this planet. 43 years and a few months now. Humans have raged wars and battled about religion and politics. Race and gender, to name a few things that us humans have differences about. Most people do not have the wisdom nor the education to back up and just see that we are all humans. We have the same basic human emotions and desires. In my experiences in life, I have come to see that the more heartaches and hardships we go through. The more patient we are and forgiving we are. Those that agree with that, have wisdom. Those who disagree have lack of faith. That's my opinion. Because when you suffer and get through it, you realize you are now stronger. If you feel beaten, you have not seen the strength and faith you have possesed. God has been preparing my generation since I could remember for the final days. Since I was a teen I heard about the return of Christ. Way before Facebook and Cell phones and all the technology we have. I heard about the wars and the rumors of war. I was told about the beheadings of people and how the planet was going to see things get worse. How the Anti Christ was going to come and unite the nations. I read Mathew chapter 24 and went over it piece by piece.I looked towards the heavens for strength in life because I went through so much. I went from being a homeless teen to watching my mother pass away from H.I.V. I went through some extremely difficult situations and never was content. But finding Jesus, and having myself surrounded by people of faith. I made it through. Going to Christian camps. Such as the Church of God Mission Board church Jubilee youth Camp. Having prechers lay hands on me. Telling me how I am blessed and meant to preach and teach. I see now all the hardship and wisdom I gained was to prepare me for what is here. It's no longer coming. I often use to say, how will the United states need a new government that they preach about? We have everything. Money, and the strongest military power. Churches of Faith and a strong foundation. But how easy is it to confuse and divde people who are not driven by faith! That's exactly what satan has planted in the United States. We are blinded by fighting over the simple things like the confederate flag or gay marriage. Not seeing the influences and the bigger picture. Racism is an easy way to divide. Power and lack of it is also an easy way to divide. Polotics and an attack on your faith will also cause division. Take a look on line. Everything is streamed on our divices filled with all of these things. The videos consist of power struggles. Talking about police brutallity. Showing police react to situations. Showing videos that are racially motivated. Baltimore had riots earlier this year as well as St. Louis. Over police brutallity. Music is now influencing homosexual tendancies. Even sports figures wearing tight clothes and infuencing the youth to say gay is okay. Don't get me wrong. The fact that gay people can be married is great. Now they can marry and divorce as everyone else. Now they can dide assets and take care of each other legally. But the forcing of religiuos ministers who do not believe in it to marry them is destructive. So naturally it causes division. By the way, the law to allow gay marriage was decided on June 26th at 6 pm. 666. It was also celebrated by a rainbow flag. Ironic because a rainbow is a gesture to man from God saying that he will never destroy us by water. So after the rains you see a colorful rainbow. Music promotes men wearing tight clothes, and they are pushing for the acceptance of homosexuallity. Things which envoke the anger of God. Movies promote zombie and war stories that are geared towards the end of the world. Video games are exactly the same. The Call of Duty series and Battlefield games are very popular. I own them. All about armmaggedon. War and betrayal. they have concepts that are about the end of the world. Cartoons are now violent and video's desensatize children. There are many poloticians lashing out against each other. There was a government lockdown not so long ago under the Obama administration. It was on October 1st 2014, and it was over the two political parties disagreement on spending U.S. money. The president has just given Iran, the power of becoming a nuclear power. Giving them the abilty to become a militant power in the middle east. Which will eventually cause the other countries in the surrounding areas to cry for peace. Which all leads to the Anti Christ. It's all unfolding. Now in the military Obama does not want soldiers with bibles or expressing their fath. There are so many poloitical cover ups. When they need to distract us, they throw a story about crime or brutallity to have americans distracted. Regardless of how much money you have, if the government is breaking down due to a power war. A racial motivated war. Or a people vs. the government and authorities. Your money will be worthless. Lawlessness will conquer causing an out cry for leadership and peace. The Anti-Christ. We are now being told to sell all our gold. They are buying gold and taking it in. Why do you think? All these commercials saying send us your gold. If the Anti Christ is to rule and make one government. We will use on type of dollar. The Euro is the strongest dollar in the world. The Anti-Christ is supposed to rise from Europe. How did they pay people back in the old days. Gold coins. Get the picture. The company that has the strong satalites are Visa and Mottarolla. They created a company called Mondex. It's the company that has created the microchip for the human body. It is made specifically for the right hand in this case. It is a chip that will be surgically planted on you, with all of your information. Name, social security, banking info, work info, health records, etc. It's supposed to be new aged. Remarkable that the name of this is Mondex. Monitary is money Dex is dexterity, your right hand. The same hand as the mark of the beast. Coinsidence? Since you will need the mark of the beast to shop or go the the hosptol, work etc. I don't think that its coincidence and see it is in preperation for the New World Order. Even your identification cards come with chips and slide bars to attain your records. We are easily divided by the silliest things and do not see the obvious. Things like the confederate flag. Black men and women have always found the flag extremely offensive. Now in 2015 it becomes an issue? Even nature is lashing out at humanity. Rain seasons are longer. More earthquakes, and tsunami's, landslides. Streets are dissapearing and falling into the earth. Taking cars with it and all in it's path. In 2014 a Baltimore street with dozens of parked cars collapsed due to overwhelming rain. As I write this article the rains have flooded the Tampa Bay streets in Florida. There are pictures of the floodings in Houston, with sharks swimming next to cars in the streets. The people are being mind controlled into beliving that the Lord is false and that he does not have power anymore. They choose to believe that he controls the crime waves and allows the death of good people. When it's actually us who have the power of free will. We are the one's who kill divide and conquer each other. The bunkers are built and being built. What do you think the bunkers are being built for? They are looking for other planets like earth. They discoverd a few possible planets and have made it public last month July 2015. Even the government knows and understand that the end is approaching. Read up the scriptures. Google the end of time. Open your ears, mind and eyes. We are looking at the youth who are lost with no beliefs. We are the last generation.. Generation X. The movement that was supposed to help save this world. If you read these words and remember your church days. If you remember the joy and pride you had in singing his praise. If you feel the times are so different and know that the angels look down on us with pain in thier hearts. Re-awaken yourself to say God bless to someone. Don't be affraid to say Jesus in public. Or to help someone in need. The sign of the times and all they spoke to us as youth, is now. The end is close! It's unfolding in front of my eyes like a movie. But in the midst of the storm, understand, God has your back. He resides in you. Stand up and live life to the fullest. It is the beginning of the end.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!!

Today on this beautiful Easter day.. We celebrate the rise of Jesus Christ. Shameful how we only celebrate the rising of Jesus on one day. Most of us don't bother to think, thank or speak about Jesus and the resurrection during the year. Some of us thank God and Jesus for things we receive and the blessings, or pray when we are in need. But in casual conversation, the name Jesus never comes up. When I was growing up and was attending church regularly. I often spoke about Jesus. I still do today. Because my life was filled with pain and heartache. I realized my life was molded by the actions of men and women with free will as well as my decisions. But God was there for me. Today I look at the youth and see that Jesus has been replaced by ideals of satanism. Media outlets and television created an environment for youthful corruption. We tune in weekly to see television shows like Empire and Housewives. Showing young people about being deceitful, to lie, and fight for power. They show young women that if they are the main chick and not the side chick, that that's okay. As long as the bank account is filled and the power is on their side. It shows the Black and Latin community being foolish. Yet we fill our timeline with the drama and details. We share pics of police brutality. Video's of violence and world star all year long. Yet no mention of Jesus. Our only talk of following someone is on twitter. The government has control over population by placing guns and drugs in society. If it is all illegal, how come I can get it in every city, town and neighborhood? Why are the television shows promoting being single, power struggles, gay lifestyle, and illuminati? Music is all corrupt. If you are a good Christian you cannot make it in this business as well as those who promote satanism. But at least for one day out of the year, we shame the Devil. This is a day to announce the triumph of Christ! 2,015 years ago, on a Sunday. After the evil spirit and his followers thought they proclaimed victory. He resurrected and came back to life! 1,987 years later I was able to fully understand the legend of Christ and accept him. It was on Easter. I thank God for giving me life, hope, love and all of my family and friends. To be apart of the Del Toro family. My father is the greatest man I have ever met. My friends I have met over the years in Yonkers and around the United states. I was told once I would not make it to see 18. I was a lost soul in the Bronx and Yonkers. I'm now 43 with my own business, a Chef, and have traveled everywhere I wanted to go. I thank God for all my friends I love from Jubilee Camp. For all the people who have come across my path. For all the guys I played ball with. Football and basketball. I even thank him for my enemies. They kept me motivated and on fire to be successful. That fire was driven by Christ. So everyone, have a blessed day. God bless and Happy Easter!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

NFL free agency. Wonderful for most teams. Great for business and to generate a buzz among fans. Hope and inspiration. Freedom to play with players and coaches that you want as a player. Joining the rival teams and following your dreams to play for the home team. Is it as great as we make it every year? Let's examine. The last 5 Superbowl's were won XLV Feb. 6, 2011 Cowboys Stadium (Arlington, Texas) Green Bay Packers 31, Pittsburgh Steelers 25 XLVI Feb. 5, 2012 Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis) New York Giants 21, New England Patriots 17 XLVII Feb. 3, 2013 Mercedes-Benz Superdome (New Orleans) Baltimore Ravens 34, San Francisco 49ers 31 XLVIII Feb. 2, 2014 MetLife Stadium (East Rutherford, N.J.) Seattle Seahawks 43, Denver Broncos 8 XLVIII Feb. 1, 2015 University of Phoenix Stadium (Glendale, Ariz.) New England Patriots 28, Seattle Seahawks 24 The big free agent splash signing on these teams were? The Steelers and Seahawks build extremely well through the draft. So do the New England Patriots. Sure they add a key guy here and there. But the core players are drafted.The Ravens drafted Flacco and Ray Rice. They drafted Suggs and all of their premier players. The Superbowl's before that were done mostly in the same fashion. You never heard of the dream team in football. Or yes we did. Self proclaimed dream team with the Eagles and Vince Young. Michael Vick and McCoy. Tell me how that season turned out? The Cowboys were the Dynasty team of the 90's. Through the trade of Hershel Walker and the draft, they went from 1-15, to 3 time Superbowl Champions. They drafted Emmit Smith, Michael Irving, Larry Allen to name a few. All in the Hal of fame. Two of those Superbowl's came at the expense of the 4 time AFC defending Champion Buffalo Bills. Who drafted almost everyone on that Roster with the exception of a few players. The Cowboys were once again truly relevant this season. Tony Romo was signed as an un-drafted player. Dez Bryant, Demarco Murray, and that offensive line were mostly drafted. The Broncos got extremely lucky and signed Peyton Manning. But outside of T.J. Ward Talib and Ware. They drafted that entire starting line up and most of the bench on defense. They signed Welker and Emmanuel Sanders, but drafted every other offensive player with the exception of a few linemen. They have been successful. Why does free agency not work as well as the draft? Let's examine. The problem with the people who are free agents? They have played out the rookie contract and now money has become the number one priority. So they play hard for the new contract. They play so well that the team who signs that player to a big deal expects the same effort and hunger. Only some players live up to those standards. Only some players stay hungry and prove that they are in it for Championship rings and banners. The flip side to that is. Some players play it safe during the playoffs or last few games. Because they don't want to risk getting injured, so they can clean up in free agency. The Denver Broncos have 17 restricted or Un-restricted free agents this off season. Tell me how much effort those guys gave during the playoffs vs. the Colts. Making money and not necessarily winning is the motive. Money can buy talent but not always buy leadership or drive and will power. That is something within you that you keep, on your motivation. The Seattle Seahawks have been on a three year run of dominant football. The team theme is disrespect. Pete Carroll has driven home the point that every team passed them up in the draft and they play with a chip on their shoulders. C.J. Anderson went un-drafted and ware's the number 22, because 22 running backs were drafted and taken ahead of him. He is now the feature running back with Peyton Manning in Denver. Key free agents and roll players can help a team over the hump. What team couldn't use the services of now free agent Suh? But you cannot build your core players and teams with free agency. In baseball people always accused the Yankees of trying to buy Championships with free agents. But the years they were dominating baseball. They used the draft and farm system. Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, Bernie Williams, Ramiro Mendoza, Andy Pettit were all true Yankees. A franchise as it's city has a personality. Players take on the personality of the city and franchise and get molded into what coaches want. Creating core players and leaders. A drive to succeed for themselves as well as the franchise and city that adopted them as family. Creating Chapionship atmosphere. The Pittsburgh Steelers have had six coaches in the history of Pittsburgh. No non sense defensive minded, tough guys. Look at the success. The New England Patriots have had Belicheck at the helm for over a decade. Look at the success. The Broncos, and 49ers as well as the Ravens. Draft well and have great leaders in the front office. Look at the success. Look at the teams who take on the personallity of the coach and city. This year Dallas after finally building the correct way. They are competing. If you have bad drafts expect bad results. Ask the 0-16 Lions of a few years ago. They drafted and missed on three straight number one picks at WR during the Matt Millen GM era. The Oakland Raiders were voted the least desired to team to play for by players in 2014. Tell me who they drafted that was a good player over the last 7 seasons? Last season Derek Carr and ILB Mack played tremendous football and now they have a mini buzz going. Free agency is great and brings drama and great story lines. But true champions are built with longevity and time. Look back at all the Superbowl Champions. Free agency played a roll, but the core guys were always already there. Who will your team draft, sign and bring on board?