Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!!

Today on this beautiful Easter day.. We celebrate the rise of Jesus Christ. Shameful how we only celebrate the rising of Jesus on one day. Most of us don't bother to think, thank or speak about Jesus and the resurrection during the year. Some of us thank God and Jesus for things we receive and the blessings, or pray when we are in need. But in casual conversation, the name Jesus never comes up. When I was growing up and was attending church regularly. I often spoke about Jesus. I still do today. Because my life was filled with pain and heartache. I realized my life was molded by the actions of men and women with free will as well as my decisions. But God was there for me. Today I look at the youth and see that Jesus has been replaced by ideals of satanism. Media outlets and television created an environment for youthful corruption. We tune in weekly to see television shows like Empire and Housewives. Showing young people about being deceitful, to lie, and fight for power. They show young women that if they are the main chick and not the side chick, that that's okay. As long as the bank account is filled and the power is on their side. It shows the Black and Latin community being foolish. Yet we fill our timeline with the drama and details. We share pics of police brutality. Video's of violence and world star all year long. Yet no mention of Jesus. Our only talk of following someone is on twitter. The government has control over population by placing guns and drugs in society. If it is all illegal, how come I can get it in every city, town and neighborhood? Why are the television shows promoting being single, power struggles, gay lifestyle, and illuminati? Music is all corrupt. If you are a good Christian you cannot make it in this business as well as those who promote satanism. But at least for one day out of the year, we shame the Devil. This is a day to announce the triumph of Christ! 2,015 years ago, on a Sunday. After the evil spirit and his followers thought they proclaimed victory. He resurrected and came back to life! 1,987 years later I was able to fully understand the legend of Christ and accept him. It was on Easter. I thank God for giving me life, hope, love and all of my family and friends. To be apart of the Del Toro family. My father is the greatest man I have ever met. My friends I have met over the years in Yonkers and around the United states. I was told once I would not make it to see 18. I was a lost soul in the Bronx and Yonkers. I'm now 43 with my own business, a Chef, and have traveled everywhere I wanted to go. I thank God for all my friends I love from Jubilee Camp. For all the people who have come across my path. For all the guys I played ball with. Football and basketball. I even thank him for my enemies. They kept me motivated and on fire to be successful. That fire was driven by Christ. So everyone, have a blessed day. God bless and Happy Easter!!