Friday, December 18, 2009


If you know of me, you know that I listen to almost anything and everything. You also know that I love hip-hop culture and rap. All music has changing of the guard and music has it's phases. We went from Rock and Roll, Jazz, Blues, and Motown Soul. To Pop, disco, and the early stages of rap. Now there is House with different qualifications of house. Deep house, Tribal, Techno, ect. Disco and Latin Freestlyle died off and Rock ow has different categories. Alternative, Hardcore, metal and death metal. To each his own. Rap even has categories. Lyrical, Underground, Harcore, Party, and new school. But I,will always treasure the pioneers of all music. From Motown bands,the Tepmtations, Four Tops, Earth Wind and Fire, Micheal Jackson(R.I.P.)! Rap had Run DMC, and the whole old school of hip hop. That's any rapper that made a record before 1995 That's Old School to me. NWA, The Juice Crew, BDP, LL.Cool J. The Furious Five, Grandmaster Flash ect. Rock legends Jimmy Hendricks, The Beatles, Carlos Santana, Kiss, Guns and Roses, AC DC, Pink Floyd, ect. Jazz legends Coltrane, Chris Hives ect.Disco had Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer ect. Music is a way to express your soul and a pleasurable way to express a message. Even if it is a hate, or love message. Political, or erotic. It is a colaboration of music and words, thoughts and creativity. My point is, it seems like the more I hear today in any class music, it seems the true inspiration is gone and the business side of it is taken over the industry. So I just wanted to shout out all the Pioneers of music, for leaving the trails and blue prints to truely great music!

Thursday, December 17, 2009


With the cool air settling in and the snow flurries falling in parts of the country. With all the holiday shopping and gift giving. Combined with Thursday night football now on NFL network. Thanksgiving, passing by and people spending quality time. Basketball is now getting in full swing, and your favorite baseball teams are now making trades and deals. Hockey is up in full swing and soccer is gearing up for the stretch run. How pleasant is it after a full work week to sit in front of a hot meal and watch the games. College basketball is starting to peak, and the coverage in HD is amazing. This great nation of ours has lots of problems, and also it has many things going on. In the midst of all the tragedy and blessings we all go through. Thank God, we all can see past the barrier of racism, bigotry, crime, and social malfunction. By all having in common one love. Sports!!!! The one force that unites people of all religion, culture, and financial levels. Competition is Universal, and it shared by all humans. God Bless our solders who protect this great nation. God bless our Athletes, who keep us united!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Father

In the begining, when the Trinity was in heaven and the vast open space was the universe of mystery. Our Creator and his son, with the aid of his spirit created the Earth and the heavens. We (man) were made in his image. Given the globe to live in freedom and eternal glory. As you know the story, Adam and Eve were in Paradise. Living with water falls and green grass. Flowers that gave a scent of luxury, and trees that gave the freshest fruits. In the Garden, safe from all the animals and beasts that roamed the earth. That is how it was intended to be. Yet man, in all his glory, finds a way to unravel anything good. The Garden was protected by angels. Protected from what? The beasts that roamed the Earth. Look in the museums, and witness the dinasours. Adam and Eve lived for millions of years in the garden before that fatal desicion, to disobey God. After that they were banished from the Garden and made to be what we are. Providers and workers and bearers of fruit.(children) We have since established history and wrote ancient scribes and scritures to uphold the history we study today. trust me I have heard it a million times, that Man wrote the bible and changed it over the years. But original text and script was inspired by the Holy Spirit. In the book of Revelations it was said that if man changes these words, he adds the plagues in this book to his life. Besides if the Bible, that millions of people read and study was false. Wouldn't by now in the 2009 era. We would have discovered it's false? By the way, funny how I mention 2009. Thats the calander that the entire globe follows. All religions and every creed and race. 2009 after what? We live in a seven day week world wide and universally known and followed. Funny, because that method was created by God in the bible. Isreal and The middle east are at war since...Oh yeah, the beginning of time in Genesis. Wierd we still see them having that war. The purpose of these words is simply to say I believe, and thank...Our Father!