Friday, December 18, 2009


If you know of me, you know that I listen to almost anything and everything. You also know that I love hip-hop culture and rap. All music has changing of the guard and music has it's phases. We went from Rock and Roll, Jazz, Blues, and Motown Soul. To Pop, disco, and the early stages of rap. Now there is House with different qualifications of house. Deep house, Tribal, Techno, ect. Disco and Latin Freestlyle died off and Rock ow has different categories. Alternative, Hardcore, metal and death metal. To each his own. Rap even has categories. Lyrical, Underground, Harcore, Party, and new school. But I,will always treasure the pioneers of all music. From Motown bands,the Tepmtations, Four Tops, Earth Wind and Fire, Micheal Jackson(R.I.P.)! Rap had Run DMC, and the whole old school of hip hop. That's any rapper that made a record before 1995 That's Old School to me. NWA, The Juice Crew, BDP, LL.Cool J. The Furious Five, Grandmaster Flash ect. Rock legends Jimmy Hendricks, The Beatles, Carlos Santana, Kiss, Guns and Roses, AC DC, Pink Floyd, ect. Jazz legends Coltrane, Chris Hives ect.Disco had Gloria Gaynor, Donna Summer ect. Music is a way to express your soul and a pleasurable way to express a message. Even if it is a hate, or love message. Political, or erotic. It is a colaboration of music and words, thoughts and creativity. My point is, it seems like the more I hear today in any class music, it seems the true inspiration is gone and the business side of it is taken over the industry. So I just wanted to shout out all the Pioneers of music, for leaving the trails and blue prints to truely great music!

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