Thursday, December 17, 2009


With the cool air settling in and the snow flurries falling in parts of the country. With all the holiday shopping and gift giving. Combined with Thursday night football now on NFL network. Thanksgiving, passing by and people spending quality time. Basketball is now getting in full swing, and your favorite baseball teams are now making trades and deals. Hockey is up in full swing and soccer is gearing up for the stretch run. How pleasant is it after a full work week to sit in front of a hot meal and watch the games. College basketball is starting to peak, and the coverage in HD is amazing. This great nation of ours has lots of problems, and also it has many things going on. In the midst of all the tragedy and blessings we all go through. Thank God, we all can see past the barrier of racism, bigotry, crime, and social malfunction. By all having in common one love. Sports!!!! The one force that unites people of all religion, culture, and financial levels. Competition is Universal, and it shared by all humans. God Bless our solders who protect this great nation. God bless our Athletes, who keep us united!

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