Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Life is a wonderful and mysterious thing. The surprises that you receive in life. The twists and turns of everyday living. You loose things at times that you once have valued so much. Then find out how much a blessing it was to have let it go. We watch our lives and measure our lives on what we made financially, but seldom think of the great blessings we have received. The times we were sick and then healed. The times we needed a spiritual lift and had a friend or someone that you don't even know inspire you. It's always good to work and earn a great check. But more important is the value of what that check will do for you. To buy you things that comfort you. To obtain memories that will last your lifetime. To me that is what is important. To be blessed at times it's as simple as seeing the simple things. The rain bless the grass and trees. The air that you breathe. Your health, and your ability to be free. Cherish life and accomplish all that you can. Chase the dreams that will give you happiness. Keep your loved ones in your prayers so the Angels can bless you too as you pray for others. Laughter, joke and live loving yourself and those around you. Be blessed and enjoy life! Be great at what you do and greater things will unfold and happen to you! Life, can be horrific, but only if you allow it to be. Your minds power can have you escape the dark prison of harsh reality. If you think BIG and positive thoughts. Be good, be great, and enjoy LIFE!

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