Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Father

In the begining, when the Trinity was in heaven and the vast open space was the universe of mystery. Our Creator and his son, with the aid of his spirit created the Earth and the heavens. We (man) were made in his image. Given the globe to live in freedom and eternal glory. As you know the story, Adam and Eve were in Paradise. Living with water falls and green grass. Flowers that gave a scent of luxury, and trees that gave the freshest fruits. In the Garden, safe from all the animals and beasts that roamed the earth. That is how it was intended to be. Yet man, in all his glory, finds a way to unravel anything good. The Garden was protected by angels. Protected from what? The beasts that roamed the Earth. Look in the museums, and witness the dinasours. Adam and Eve lived for millions of years in the garden before that fatal desicion, to disobey God. After that they were banished from the Garden and made to be what we are. Providers and workers and bearers of fruit.(children) We have since established history and wrote ancient scribes and scritures to uphold the history we study today. trust me I have heard it a million times, that Man wrote the bible and changed it over the years. But original text and script was inspired by the Holy Spirit. In the book of Revelations it was said that if man changes these words, he adds the plagues in this book to his life. Besides if the Bible, that millions of people read and study was false. Wouldn't by now in the 2009 era. We would have discovered it's false? By the way, funny how I mention 2009. Thats the calander that the entire globe follows. All religions and every creed and race. 2009 after what? We live in a seven day week world wide and universally known and followed. Funny, because that method was created by God in the bible. Isreal and The middle east are at war since...Oh yeah, the beginning of time in Genesis. Wierd we still see them having that war. The purpose of these words is simply to say I believe, and thank...Our Father!

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