Thursday, December 22, 2016

I haven't written in a long time to this level. But my heart has been touched. My feelings have been stirred. So now I give you this. In the scriptures Mathew chapter 12. Jesus was giving a sermon about what would be the environment before the end of times. He spoke about false prophets. I don't think I have to touch this topic too much. I am sure anyone and everyone reading this has seen or heard about false prophets. People such as Joel Osteen who generates between book sales and offerings, 80 million dollars a year. Yet he doesn't preach Jesus as a Christian. But prosperity. When the scriptures clearly speaks about the Christians being persecuted and having difficulties being rich. Jesus himself gave the analogy of it being easier to get a Camel through the eye of a needle than to get a rich person in heaven. There is a reason that it was said, The meek shall inherit the earth. Joel Olsteen wont say nor admit that Jesus is the only way into heaven, though as a Christian. The belief is that he is the only way. As Jesus himself declared in Luke chapter 14 verse 5 and 6. We see pastors accused now of rape. Of being homosexual and other glaring sinful acts from the pulpit. Those scriptures in Mathew 12 also speak about war and rumors of war. Are the rumors swirling about war with Russia? China as well. Before the U.S. fought for liberty and justice for all. Now we seem to be strictly fighting against anti Christian's terrorist. Our social media is filled with news feeds of terror. Even here in the U.S. Police brutality. Innocent kids being shot and killed. Crime has risen. Young generational people have no more love because they are being desensitized and see violence as normal. Their leaders are speaking to them promoting tooth for a tooth and fighting fire with fire. Not alerting them that they wont prosper or win that way. The media has filtered our time lines an social feeds with violent videoes. Giving the police reason to come prepared for violence, and after police react violently. The communities are now prepared for police brutality and are violently striking back. The war on terror over seas is based on religion. Christians are being beheaded and eradicated. Government causing divides right here on the streets. Under Bush Jr as our president. He made this country go from being financially stable. To 4 trillion dollars in debt. The one thing that he did that was a God driven and spiritual. He killed 21 of the top 50 FBI's most wanted terrorist. Mostly connected to the now debunked Al Qaeda terrorist group. Then Came Obama. He turned our 4 trillion dollar debt to 23 trillion. He legalized marijuana and legalized gay marriage. He had a government lockdown under his reign. He also had the actions and demeanor of a man who was not a Christian. This in a country that has Christian majority. The list goes on about Obama, but the liberal smokers and people who want the freedom to not be judged in a sinful life wanted him. The rest were people who back the democratic party regardless of candidate and will fin whatever information they can get to defend it. So now we have Trump. The people want rage against the machine. Someone who is not tied into politics. They have him. So now the racist who have been backed down because we had a Black president have come out of the wood works for Trump. Making Trump look racist. I lived in New York most of my life and have seen all the New York tabloids with Trump way before his presidency. Nothing ever indicated he was racist at all. He may have low morals, but is now associated with the racist radicals. Once again creating racial divide and a bad environment. The scripture also speaks of weather even lashing out. There are and have been trends of major disasters over the last few years. Hurricane Irene and Frances. The destruction of New Orleans with Katrina. Earth quakes in Haiti and around the globe. Volcanos in the Pacific rim that were dormant now active. Hurricane Floyd placing New York City under water as well as the entire eastern coast line of the U.S. Weather patterns changing globally. We are watching this globe turn colder. I don't mean weather wise. I mean with love. Mathew 12:24 Because of the multiplications of sin. The love of many shall grow cold. The last time I checked, the scriptures say God is love! So God is being taken out of the hearts of people because of the multiplications of sin. He is taken out of school. He is taken out of conversations. People getting offended at the term God bless you when they sneeze. They don't wanna hear the term Merry Christmas. People are becoming angry with Life and so they are eliminating God out of it. Loosing faith as well as love. Adding to the problem of a loveless humanity. Death and violence now fill our timeline and devices. News cats and music. Rap music was always controversial. But it spoke positive messages at some stretches and phases. Now its all drug and sex related. Giving our youth the bad image of money and sex. drugs and a lifestyle leading straight to death and jail. God is being thrown to the side. Believers who once had that love now doubt his existence. Celebrities promoting Scientology and standing up against Christianity. Sports is no longer about sports. But sexual misconduct. Fights and DUI's. Drugs and adultery. This world is driven by corruption and sin. The reason I am writing you on all this and giving you these points. Is not to tell you the end is near. Even non believers are starting to believe in that. But, God is about to make some moves. He has heard our cries and seen the pain that some of us have felt. Your personal battles and struggles. He has placed in my heart to tell you, his Angels are on the way. Opening doors that need to be open and closing doors that need to be closed. But, you need to be on his side when this happens. stray away from this world's mindset. STOP thinking as they do and placing your emotions and heart in what they think. Stop fearing and have faith. remember when the Lord was all you leaned on? Don't be distracted by this world. Remember we are all just temporary here.Continue to love and give love. Because you are giving God essentially. Stop hanging out with the drinkers and sinners and surround yourself with positive minded people. The Holy Spirit doesn't want to be limited in your life. Be strong and understand a movement is coming. One that will change the way of your life. Be vigilant, be strong, be blessed. So it is written, so it shall be done!!