Friday, August 21, 2015

Why I Don't Ware Jordan's

I was asked by a younger guy, why I don't ware Jordans as much basketball as I play. Then to make a joke he said, "You don't even ware Nike. You have on Converse!" I replied to him with a few things I will now relay to you readers as well. Nike is a Billion Dollar company. We buy Nike all the time. We, meaning young black and hispanic inner city youth. To play basketball. Then I asked, name a person you know who doesn't own a pair of Nike. Not just basketball players, but the average person. There is Nike apparel. Jersies, shorts, hats, Tee-shirts, jackets, socks, sneakers and even golf shoes and equipment. His reply was "So". And then questioned me again. "Why don't you have a pair?" I then told him McDonalds is a Billion dollar company. I see the McDonalds basketball All American game on TV. They sponsor and pay for the entire event. Buying Nike products for the High School All American kids to play with. They also sponsor the proud olympian team for the United States. They have the Ronald McDonald House. Made to benefit youth across america. They have countless programs and they are just a burger chain. Then I explained to him how Nike has given Lebron James, tons of money as well as James Harden 200 million to represent the brand. So they can continue to attract more people for thier sales. In just New York city alone, if there are 8 million people. And half of the city owns one pair of Nike. And you average out a pair of nike to 70 bucks. Since they run from 40-120 dollars. The city of New York alone made them 280 million dollars. Let's keep it real, most people own more than one pair of Nike. So imagine the united states. The world in fact. Wearing these sneakers. Yet, I have never seen a park built by Nike. Nor an event sponsored by Nike. I would even appreciate it if a tournament was sponsored by Nike in the inner City for the kids who buy and represent your brand anyway. Michael Jordan was once quoted saying his shoes were made for middle class white kids. While kids fight in the rough neighborhoods over sneakers. Get mugged and robbed over sneakers. They have even been killed over his sneakers. Then people think that they are a better basketball player because of the brand of sneaker on their feet. The young man I was talking with chuckled. Then I said to him. If you think of the worst basketball player you know. You gave him some Jordans, would he play better? He might be more comfortable, but he will still be a bad player. He said "Wow"! I never thought of it like that. I asked him what he though about my game and how I played for a 43 year old guy. He replied with, You're good and play like your 25! I said yup... In a pair of Converse... I realize Nike may sponsor some Universities. But the benefits they reap from that are huge. But them to create an event to benefit the people who are making them a Billion dollar company.. I have not seen it yet. No Jordans for me. Girls thought I was cute with out them anyway..

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