Friday, August 21, 2015

Denver's Season, Historic!

This is going to be a very historic season for the Denver Broncos on many levels. This is a new coaching regime in Denver, even though the Bronco ties run deep. Gary Kubiak was a back up quarterback in Denver. He even played in an AFC Championship Title game as a starter. The more things have changed in Denver, the more they have stayed the same. His zone blocking scheme and offensive mind will set free the likes of C.J. Anderson to what maybe a phenomanol season. Not to mention former second round running back Montee Ball, who is the all time TD NCAA record holder. Ran in this sytem during his collegiate years in Wisconsin. The runner who may be the most explosive in this system is 3rd year runner Ronnie Hillman. Either way the depth is there. They signed and sealed Demaryious Thomas to a 70 Million dollar deal. He has said he wants to set NFL marks and records this season.Great news for fans. But none of that is why they make history. It's all about Manning. Peyton Manning! He is now on a mission. Healthy again after suffering a tear in his thigh muscle late last season. It was so bad that he had a bruise around his entire thigh. But, with a newly aqcuiered diet in the off season he is fresh and ready. Any thing that Manning does will be a new record. He owns the completions and TD all time record marks. He also owns or is a close second in every other department. He may set records that will be astronomical to reach. If D.Thomas lives up to what he already has done with Manning, and has promised to try and do. The record books will definately have some changes. Last season Emmanuel Sanders showed what a great wide out he is. Cody Lattimore is waiting and chomping at the bit to explode on the scene. I expect him to have a huge role, especially around the goal line. He will take pressure off of D. Thomas making this team very hard to defend. Remember when Welker was healthy? That's the role Cody will fill. This may also be the last time we see number 18 (Manning) play. Most likely it is his farewell tour. A great humanitarian and embassador for the game of football. With a Childrens Hospitol in Indianapolis. Also all the community work he has done over the years. Visiting High Schools and giving his time. He is going to be missed. The Offense already is in the record books two years back as the highest scoring and number one offense ever. It may reach those marks again this season. With a heavy dose of run balance and Manning play faking. This can ease the need for Manning to feel all the pressure of trying to win a game on his arm alone. My knock on the Broncos during Mannings time here. They don't get Physical enough and ware a team out during the playoffs. Kubiak and company will definately change that. I also look at the young and strong line as a big benefit. Between the threats at Wide-Out and the Tight Ends involvement in this offense. The holes will open up for C.J. Anderson. Arian Foster has had a very prolific career with Kubiak as his coach. Expect C.J. Anderson to excell. Remember the numbers Terrell Davis put up in this offense? John Fox was a very good football coach. He coached in two superbowls. One of them being with this very same Denver team. But, John Elway agrees with me. With the remade defense from a year ago. Adding Aqib Talib and T.J. Ward. Demarcus Ware and a few stand out players. Having Von Miller and Chris Harris, who is highly underrated. And having that offense that set NFL records there. They figured a dynasty was in hand. They drafted Shane Ray, who is a big time pass rusher and he can cover as well. They added depth and some versatility on defense. So they should compete at all phases. So Elway was expecting a championship run last season before re-tooling. Instead, they lost to the Colts at home. Elway thought the mindset was not a good one. Knowing what his great friend and former coach Kubiak offers. They basically share the same mindset. The change was made. This team has all the potential to set records and is built for the future as well. The future looks bright because this team is young andd has much talent. The defensive side of the ball can be upgraded next draft. They took care of the offensive side of the line this draft. Not to mention. Brock Osweiller has looked great. After all the tall 6'8" 240 pound QB. Has studied under the tutalage of Peyton Manning for 3 years now. Watching film and seeing the game unfold. This can go down as building blocks. They went to the AFC Championship game, The Superbowl and a wild card game over the last three years. If this team can win the Superbowl this season and turn the riegns over to Brock Oswieller. There may be a few more years of Championship runs. Scary for the AfC to think of. The Patriots have Brady and always compete. Andrew Luck is the heir apparent to Manning. But this Denver team, is loaded and ready for a good run for several years to come. Records may be set!!

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