Monday, August 3, 2015

The Begining Of The End

In my time alive on this planet. 43 years and a few months now. Humans have raged wars and battled about religion and politics. Race and gender, to name a few things that us humans have differences about. Most people do not have the wisdom nor the education to back up and just see that we are all humans. We have the same basic human emotions and desires. In my experiences in life, I have come to see that the more heartaches and hardships we go through. The more patient we are and forgiving we are. Those that agree with that, have wisdom. Those who disagree have lack of faith. That's my opinion. Because when you suffer and get through it, you realize you are now stronger. If you feel beaten, you have not seen the strength and faith you have possesed. God has been preparing my generation since I could remember for the final days. Since I was a teen I heard about the return of Christ. Way before Facebook and Cell phones and all the technology we have. I heard about the wars and the rumors of war. I was told about the beheadings of people and how the planet was going to see things get worse. How the Anti Christ was going to come and unite the nations. I read Mathew chapter 24 and went over it piece by piece.I looked towards the heavens for strength in life because I went through so much. I went from being a homeless teen to watching my mother pass away from H.I.V. I went through some extremely difficult situations and never was content. But finding Jesus, and having myself surrounded by people of faith. I made it through. Going to Christian camps. Such as the Church of God Mission Board church Jubilee youth Camp. Having prechers lay hands on me. Telling me how I am blessed and meant to preach and teach. I see now all the hardship and wisdom I gained was to prepare me for what is here. It's no longer coming. I often use to say, how will the United states need a new government that they preach about? We have everything. Money, and the strongest military power. Churches of Faith and a strong foundation. But how easy is it to confuse and divde people who are not driven by faith! That's exactly what satan has planted in the United States. We are blinded by fighting over the simple things like the confederate flag or gay marriage. Not seeing the influences and the bigger picture. Racism is an easy way to divide. Power and lack of it is also an easy way to divide. Polotics and an attack on your faith will also cause division. Take a look on line. Everything is streamed on our divices filled with all of these things. The videos consist of power struggles. Talking about police brutallity. Showing police react to situations. Showing videos that are racially motivated. Baltimore had riots earlier this year as well as St. Louis. Over police brutallity. Music is now influencing homosexual tendancies. Even sports figures wearing tight clothes and infuencing the youth to say gay is okay. Don't get me wrong. The fact that gay people can be married is great. Now they can marry and divorce as everyone else. Now they can dide assets and take care of each other legally. But the forcing of religiuos ministers who do not believe in it to marry them is destructive. So naturally it causes division. By the way, the law to allow gay marriage was decided on June 26th at 6 pm. 666. It was also celebrated by a rainbow flag. Ironic because a rainbow is a gesture to man from God saying that he will never destroy us by water. So after the rains you see a colorful rainbow. Music promotes men wearing tight clothes, and they are pushing for the acceptance of homosexuallity. Things which envoke the anger of God. Movies promote zombie and war stories that are geared towards the end of the world. Video games are exactly the same. The Call of Duty series and Battlefield games are very popular. I own them. All about armmaggedon. War and betrayal. they have concepts that are about the end of the world. Cartoons are now violent and video's desensatize children. There are many poloticians lashing out against each other. There was a government lockdown not so long ago under the Obama administration. It was on October 1st 2014, and it was over the two political parties disagreement on spending U.S. money. The president has just given Iran, the power of becoming a nuclear power. Giving them the abilty to become a militant power in the middle east. Which will eventually cause the other countries in the surrounding areas to cry for peace. Which all leads to the Anti Christ. It's all unfolding. Now in the military Obama does not want soldiers with bibles or expressing their fath. There are so many poloitical cover ups. When they need to distract us, they throw a story about crime or brutallity to have americans distracted. Regardless of how much money you have, if the government is breaking down due to a power war. A racial motivated war. Or a people vs. the government and authorities. Your money will be worthless. Lawlessness will conquer causing an out cry for leadership and peace. The Anti-Christ. We are now being told to sell all our gold. They are buying gold and taking it in. Why do you think? All these commercials saying send us your gold. If the Anti Christ is to rule and make one government. We will use on type of dollar. The Euro is the strongest dollar in the world. The Anti-Christ is supposed to rise from Europe. How did they pay people back in the old days. Gold coins. Get the picture. The company that has the strong satalites are Visa and Mottarolla. They created a company called Mondex. It's the company that has created the microchip for the human body. It is made specifically for the right hand in this case. It is a chip that will be surgically planted on you, with all of your information. Name, social security, banking info, work info, health records, etc. It's supposed to be new aged. Remarkable that the name of this is Mondex. Monitary is money Dex is dexterity, your right hand. The same hand as the mark of the beast. Coinsidence? Since you will need the mark of the beast to shop or go the the hosptol, work etc. I don't think that its coincidence and see it is in preperation for the New World Order. Even your identification cards come with chips and slide bars to attain your records. We are easily divided by the silliest things and do not see the obvious. Things like the confederate flag. Black men and women have always found the flag extremely offensive. Now in 2015 it becomes an issue? Even nature is lashing out at humanity. Rain seasons are longer. More earthquakes, and tsunami's, landslides. Streets are dissapearing and falling into the earth. Taking cars with it and all in it's path. In 2014 a Baltimore street with dozens of parked cars collapsed due to overwhelming rain. As I write this article the rains have flooded the Tampa Bay streets in Florida. There are pictures of the floodings in Houston, with sharks swimming next to cars in the streets. The people are being mind controlled into beliving that the Lord is false and that he does not have power anymore. They choose to believe that he controls the crime waves and allows the death of good people. When it's actually us who have the power of free will. We are the one's who kill divide and conquer each other. The bunkers are built and being built. What do you think the bunkers are being built for? They are looking for other planets like earth. They discoverd a few possible planets and have made it public last month July 2015. Even the government knows and understand that the end is approaching. Read up the scriptures. Google the end of time. Open your ears, mind and eyes. We are looking at the youth who are lost with no beliefs. We are the last generation.. Generation X. The movement that was supposed to help save this world. If you read these words and remember your church days. If you remember the joy and pride you had in singing his praise. If you feel the times are so different and know that the angels look down on us with pain in thier hearts. Re-awaken yourself to say God bless to someone. Don't be affraid to say Jesus in public. Or to help someone in need. The sign of the times and all they spoke to us as youth, is now. The end is close! It's unfolding in front of my eyes like a movie. But in the midst of the storm, understand, God has your back. He resides in you. Stand up and live life to the fullest. It is the beginning of the end.

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