Monday, September 13, 2010

Week One (Football)

It was a great week of football. This first week of excitement and anticipation was not disappointing. Many teams lived up to expectations as well as a few upsets.
The Texans finally defeat the Colts, and did so in convincing fashion. They played defense well, and made plays when they needed. They also had Arian Foster, who rushed for 234 yards and 3 touchdowns. Mcnabb, and Coach Shanahan, opened up the season in a victory as well. Micheal Vick created controversy with his skills and great second half play! Doom may loom for Kolb, if he does not do well in week 2. They are going to stick with him and hope he has a better outing. The Eagles have no choice, they have invested the future in him. The highly talked about 49ers, got trounced and the under appreciated Seahawks were the team to do so. The Steelers defended home turf without Big Ben, and the titans and Chris Johnson continue to do what they did at the end of last season, Win!! New England showed they still have some fire power and can contend, as the Bucs and Dolphins also won. The Lions, well. They played well enough to win, and had a controversial Touchdown taken away to loose. They did look very good at times and the Bears who won that game also looked good. Cutler might finally be in a system in Chicago to help him win. The Giants took care of business as did Arizona. The win for the Cardinals was ugly, but the end result will do. The chemistry will eventually gel on offense. As it is evident they could of used Warner. But credit the Rams, and the debut, of Sam Bradford. They were up to the task and played well. The Bengals played well, but could not stop the Brady to Welker connection. Atlanta played a great game, but a lack of a running game late hurt them. Matt Ryan hung one up and Troy Palumalu, made a great play. The Saints held serve and beat Farve week one. The turnovers did not cost them the game this time. It was the lack of Farve not being at camp getting to know his receivers.
The week is not over. The Jets and Ravens should be a great game. Rex Ryan and his brashness will have the chance to show what his team has. The Chiefs, also want to show that they have made strides and the Chargers have a rookie running back they want to unveil. So far it's been great.
Oh yeah, My Denver Broncos lost in the rain at 100 degree weather. It was a great game, but a 33 minute rain delay took the luster off the excitement. The Josh McDainels era is off to a bad start so far. The Jags looked sharp and better than expected. Great to see football back.
Week two should be even more exciting. Will the Colts start 0-2? Will Brett Farve have a better week? Can the Falcons and Bengals bounce back? Is Kolb really the guy in Philadelphia?
Tune in next week folks. As T.O would say, "Get your popcorn ready!"

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