Thursday, September 30, 2010


When we are going through our usual daily activities, at times we come across something that inspires. It can be as simple as a sound, a picture, a song, a persons actions. Maybe hearing a story being told about a person going against an incedible amount of odds, still achieving an unforseen goal. In my life I have found that because of all that I have been through, it made me have a high level of will power and determination. I found myself in the depths of poverty and stripped from all reason of hope. That in itself was what made me fight and say, I cannot give up. What value and worth is it to fight, and fight, to then give up? In my soul and spirit, I always felt the guidence of God to press forward. As an Army moving forward, at times there are casualties and fatalities but they unite even stronger and forge ahead to victory. In football, a running back collides with a linebacker at the goal line. The one that has the will power and more conviction to win, forges ahead. People who are watching this battle on the field, get inspired. Watching video coverage of September 11th. Looking at how the country united and bonded, it's an inspiration. All negative thoughts on race and creed were gone. All negative ideas about us as a nation were too gone. Just look into the eyes of a smiling child and you can see inspiration. It comes when all negative thoughts and actions are gone. Those who are inspired to do wrong and evil are not inspired, just conspiring to do wrong. Inspiration comes in all shapes and forms and it takes the effect, of changing, if even for a moment. Those that see and hear of it to become inspired. So as the year moves on, there will be much to achieve and goals to accomplish. Be sure to keep all the spirits of all around us high, by you yourself inspiring and being an inspiration.

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