Thursday, April 19, 2012

Just checking in!

It's been a bit since I have logged on. I had given thanks for my birthday wishes. I still find myself thankful for all my true family and friends. I am finding myself blessed, more and more. I have found out in life, the more positive energy that you give out. The more positive energy you receive back. The one who has just read that statement and has said that's not true. Is prime example of the opposite. I went into this 2012, with the mindset of having a successful year. Everybody says that and right about this time in the year, they have already went back into a more regular mode. The push for the goals they wanted to obtain is not the same. On the first day of school. You get a brand new notebook. You keep it clean and write your name on it. You keep the pages clean and only write with clear writing. But as the days pass and the school days pass. You rip or tare out a page or two. The note book starts to ware and tare and no longer do you treat that notebook special. When you buy a new pair of sneakers. You watch where you walk. You get home and wipe them down. You notice when someone has stepped on your foot and wipe it right away. But after a while. You no longer clean them and they become worn out. But I encourage you to stay focused and continue to drive forward and renew your strengths. Reach your goals. Place your thoughts and determination back on track. March ahead and be positive. The more positive you give out, the more shall return. I wanted a better job, and I have that. I wanted new friends and I have that. I wanted to continue to feel happy and youthful and vibrant. I do. I want to find love and continue to better myself. I will. I have more goals to achieve and things I desire to do. Summer is coming, and those dreams and aspirations will be met. Faith and endurance are a wonderful thing to posses. So be steady and keep pushing. The clearing is ahead and the reward of your efforts is there. How great to feel the satisfaction of putting in the work to see the glory. To work hard and get that pay check. How horrible it is to make excuses and see no results. How horrid to to be lazy and not achieve. What value is it to fight, and to fight, and when you almost have victory, to give up? My friends, be wise, be strong, and faithful. Let the Lord guide you and open and close the doors. God Bless.

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