Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hundreds of star fish were stranded on a beach. A boy started to throw them back into the ocean. A man tells the boy what are you doing. You cant save them all. There are too many. You can't make a difference. The boy picked up another star fish and threw it in. Then he said, I just made a difference to that one! Lesson!!

When you think you have nothing left. When you seem to be down and all the way out. That is when you are at your strongest. Because then you are willing to fight for your life!!!

One day a woman was set to go see her daughter that she hasn't seen since she gave her birth. At the time when she gave birth to her daughter. She was into drugs and not living a suitable life to raise a child. So the courts had her raised by her father. The family moved her away and raised her for 21 years without her knowing her mother. In that time her mother had cleaned up her act and become a devout Christian. Finally at the age of 21 the daughter wanted to meet her mother. She searched for her and found her. They communicated over the phone and planned a day to meet in person. The mother planned the trip and was so happy of this news. She went to church and told everyone. She was filled with pride and joy. The day came to go see her daughter. She got in a taxi taking her to the airport. On the way to the airport, the taxi's front two tires blew out. With there being only one spare, the cab driver could not fix the tires in time. The mother had missed her flight. She went home afterward and was highly upset. She told God, "how could you do this to me?! Now I have to do this all over again! I wanted to see my daughter! I was going to see her today after 21 years of suffering!" As she cried the telephone rang. It was a friend of hers, who told her to turn on the Television and see the news. The plane she was supposed to get on went down in the Atlantic Ocean and there were no survivors. Lesson!

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